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There’s a huge difference between a real estate agent and a GOOD real estate agent when it comes to having a successful buying or selling experience.

While any real estate agent can get you into a showing and list off the facts on the home’s flier, a good real estate agent will do so much more for you.

A good real estate agent will show you the value of the home–both short and long-term. They’ll be able to show you what the area is like and what its growth potential is, what restrictions you’ll deal with, and other opportunities with the home.

This is all to give you the best understanding of the home’s true value and how it can not only give you a safe place to live but also become a key part of your investment portfolio.

Want to buy or sell a home?


You can always do a basic home search. However, If you want something specific to meet your needs and desires, I recommend you reach out to me and I can help you find the home of your dreams


A great listing agent will help you navigate home sale preparation, staging, finding the right list price, and will negotiate with buyers to make sure you are happy with your sell.

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About Kristin

My family has proudly lived and worked in the Lodi area for 7 generations now. We are working farmers, teachers, nurses and business people in the community.  For the last 20 years I have invested my life in the healthcare industry becoming an expert at understanding people, what they need and how to solve problems.  This knowledge has provided me with the tangible skills that I use daily in real estate negotiations, educating buyers and sellers, and effectively marketing the team’s listings. 

In today’s market, there’s abundant choices in who your realtor can be. I set myself apart in knowing this community, and understanding what it takes to help my clients find their ultimate home.

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